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The woman is a beautiful creature, a goddess, a princess and a queen. Her life mission is to give birth to healthy children and to raise them. The woman can do anything – to create happy family, to do business, to be involved in charity, to make global changes with ease. Her goal is the man next to her to achieve even more, to be satisfied with his achievements and to feel powerful and mighty.

All that is possible, only if the woman can manage the four states, called archetypes:

  • The Girl – she is trusting, loving, open, gentle, joyful, playful, light, carefree and cheerful. She is the one who knows how to receive gifts. She gives to the man attention, fills him with love and positive emotions, she believes in him and his abilities and she accepts him as he is. The girl gives to man admiration, appreciation and gratitude. She receives from man love, protection and support, care, gifts and loyalty.
  • The Lover – she is passionate, bright, hot, sexual, impulsive, unbridled, artistic, playful, exuberant and attractive. She gives to the man delight, pleasure, and confidence that he is the best in the bed, new and sharp sensations, passion for life, and the desire to develop his business and to do something new. The man gives to the woman in archetype Lover passion and vitality, pleasure, truth, beauty, youth, good health and attention.
  • The Queen – she is independent, rational, purposeful, logical, confident, free, and stubborn, she knows her own price, well educated, demanding, reserved and she knows how to defend her interests. The woman in archetype of the Queen gives to the man inspiration for new ideas and projects, she build relationships and connections, provides information, she creates good reputation and she is the PR manager of her husband. She helps him to see the whole picture, the vision and his own goals. The woman receives from man admiration, gifts, social status, recognition and the man dedicates to her his achievements.
  • The Mother – Housewife – she is confident, calm, balanced, wise and stable. The woman in this archetype gives peace, practicality and seriousness to others. She strives for order and she is organized, fertile, nurturing living in abundance and wealth. The woman in this state gives the man support and peace, gives birth to his children and raises them. She is always beautiful and helps her husband to achieve material goals – money, properties and inheritance. She cleans and fills the space with comfort and warmth. The woman in archetype Mother – Housewife receives from the man position, recognition, respect, gratitude and right to what belongs to her.

The woman is in her female perfection and can achieve anything she wants only when she knows well these four states, she controls them and she uses them in any situation properly.

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